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How to care and maintain Rastas?

The dreadlocks are a very unique hairstyle that takes time, dedication and care maintenance. In this note I show you the 4 things necessary to keep in mind to care for and maintain your dreadlocks always splendid: how to wash and dry your hair, how to apply beeswax and technique to keep them in good shape.


Contrary to popular belief, washing dreadlocks, but the issue is the frequency. Many believe that once a week, others once a month. The important thing is to know your hair and dreadlocks and always keep the hull clean.

Use a shampoo that leaves no residue and leave-in conditioner to avoid the accumulation of products.


Always let the air dry your dreadlocks and then use the hair dryer to make sure they are very dry. This is important to prevent mold growth in them, especially if you use any product or ointments heavy maintenance in the hair.


If you are looking to maintain a Rastafarian look nice, clean and natural look, it is important to use the least amount of product possible. Beeswax helps smooth frizz and keep the dreadlocks, but you always have to apply it sparingly.

Roll the dreadlocks

What does this mean? Dreadlocks rolled between the palms of your hands to shape and help keep the hair in place also gives the strands a much cleaner appearance.

This process also can work the hair that is loose weaving it with the crochet needle or sewing them with dental floss.

The dreadlocks can be deceiving, who has not ever worn may think they do not need maintenance when this is not so. To keep them nice, clean, healthy looking and well armed it is essential to devote hours after each wash.

So if you’re thinking about getting dreadlocks note discusses this aspect and if you have enough time to spruce up your hair and fix as required.

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