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Could drinking tea help me lose some weight?

Have you ever heard that drinking tea could help you to lose weight?

If you are wondering whether that rumor is true or not this article might shed some light on it. According to some study or at least what have been published in the internet, losing weight can be as easy as sit back, relax and drink some cup of tea. The good news is, those article are mostly telling truth. Tea, as found in many researches, containing at least two antioxidant, catechin and caffeine, which combination can boost your energy and increase your fat burning.

The questions now are how much tea should we drink and what kind of tea have the most effect on weight losing diet?

A cup of tea can burn 25 to 20 calorie. Each 240 ml could burn 40 calorie. This has the same effect as 10 minutes of jogging. Another study that has been done in 2011 shows that, rich contain catechin tea, could increase the metabolism to burn up to 100 calorie in 24 a day. But please bear in mind that tea has also diuretic effect, which means it could increase your urinary frequency. Too much tea could lead to dehydrate and sleep disturbance. So, drink just a wise amount of tea.

While almost any tea contain catechin and caffeine, research shows that green tea, white tea and pu-erh or oolong tea are the most catechin rich tea. Black tea and green tea actually are made from the same tea leaves. But they are different in the process of making. Green tea is more pure and it has the most effect on losing weight diet. But both tea are good.

To have the most effect on losing weight diet, you should drink your tea warm and pure, with no sugar or milk. And off course when you combine it with other proven diet method and exercise you will get the maximum effect.

So, if you want to lose some weight, start to put tea on your daily diet menu. Drinking tea after a healthy exercise could give you a healthy body and mind.

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