Is everyone ready to have their mind blown????
The girl Amy that I was on 4 dates with and made out with in my apartment…. she’s Jewish.

Bet yall never expected that, haha


I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people wanting to hear some new music of mine, I may be posting up some lyrics from a song I wrote awhile back of a song called “Witty Kitty” if I can find them.

I babysat for about 4 hours this morning, the kid wouldn’t stop crying so I just put some Metallica on the stereo and turned it up and ignored him. I think I’d make a great parent because I know not to give into their desires for attention. I showed him I’m the boss. His mom was happy when she picked him up. She’s bringing him back again tomorrow. She’s pretty hot. She’s a teacher at Barton Hills Elementary School.

This baby thing is pretty easy so far.

Maybe if I can get her son attached to me then she will fall in love with me for the kids sake…

I hope you are reading this Hillary… wink, wink… big smile :)
I am soooooooooooooo HOT 4 Teacher!

Romeo Rose

I got my first couple clients sign up for my Nanny skills today! All you people in Austin that thought my new babysitting business was going to be a failure will soon be eating your words when you see how rich I am about to become!!!!!!!

The producers at Lifetime and E have contacted me today after reading about me online today and they are interested in doing a pilot for a realty show about me and my Adventures in Babysitting!!!!!

I’ve got a couple busy moms on the line right now that are wanting me to watch their kids in hopes that the spotlight may help turn their children into future movie stars!

Yes, this is going to be the thing that turns it all around people!

Yesterday yall were calling Romeo Rose a idiot, but tomorrow you all will be calling me the genius that I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Money, money, MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Romeo Rose babysittin them Kiddo’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I want a BDAY Party at Lanai downtown Austin! SEPT 18th! I want DJs to play my music and I want a girl that looks like Pamela Courson to dance with me. And I want a cake and a bottle of Dom Perignom champahne. It’d be kool to if Dale Dudley can be there to to put the event on KLBJ! I’m serious! Please help contact these peoples and owners of Lanai and make my birthday wish come true!!!!! Romeo Rose

(proof i’m the real commenter (“I’m real burnerthemidnightoil jezzie)


************** Attention COREY FELDMAN, please get in contact with me ASAP!!!!! I’ve got a project lined up that would be perfect for you to do a cameo in!

Romeo Rose


UPDATE 7/22/2014

I am still trying to find a girlfriend.

I am trying to find a girlfriend that looks like Pamela Courson.

My birthday (September 18th) is coming up on Sept 18th and I’d like to have someone special to share it with, or if nothing else at least some really great birthday sex with a hot redhead!

If anyone in Austin knows of a girl that resembles Pamela Courson please let her know that I will be her Jim Morrison!

I can’t afford to pay you any finders fee, but I do believe that you will be rewarded with good karma for helping the lonely soul that is me.

Romeo Rose


The only thing women are good for is fucking, and most women are not even good at that.
God made women for the sole purpose of pleasuring men.
Women that think they are somehow equal to a mans worth, or that their “thoughts” somehow matter in this society really amuses me to no end haha!
Women are just ornaments for us men.
They will always be the weaker sex.
Women aren’t capable of much else besides being a house wife anyway, I mean they are always on the rag and emotionally too screwed up to be at all logical.
That’s why they should never be trusted with any position or role of power or authority in society.

Romeo Rose

UPDATE 7/21/2014

OK, I am willing to sell my trademark guitar Juliet for $1,800

Any takers?

Romeo Rose


I’ve decided if my guitar Juliet does not sale I will have no other choice but to set up a pay per view and set it on fire on a live internet broadcast to paid viewers only…

This is why I never tip anyone at restaurants

I am trying to make some supplemental income, I am an starving Artist, so if there’s anyone in Austin that has a dog or children and you need a baby sitter or pet sitter please contact me, I would be happy to watch your kids or your pets. I only charge $10 a hour. Email me, serious inquires only, romeo@romeorose.com

I will not babysit any kids of the age that still wear diapers, I don’t change diapers, sorry.

I can provide references upon request.

Romeo Rose



I am thinking of getting a Omega gold chain choker for my pendant. Is it kool for men to wear Omega chains or is that kinda gay? Romeo Rose

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man wear one before, so I may end up becoming the 1st ever! A trendsetter!

Look out Versace, here I come!!!!!!

Romeo Rose coming to a runway near you soon…


I am forced to sell my beloved custom 1 of a kind guitar Juliet.

$2,500 FIRM non-negotiable price.

Guitar is the world famous carved guitar as seen in this video

Email me if interested in purchasing this piece of music history.

Local sales only. (Austin, Texas)

I only accept cash.

To sweeten the pot, I will also include the Black Panthers T Shirt I wore on the Huffington Post, as well as the RR necklace you see in many of my videos, my black hat with all the crowns on it, and my gold and black coat made by Shrine you see in many of my videos. I will also include my guitar strap that has my name embroidered on it.

Romeo Rose

romeo rose

Me and Susan.

Silly Girl.






Picture of the Photography studio of mine




$2,500 necklace I bought



Picture of the Photography studio of mine7/19/2014