A new start…

This is going to be my final post on this website, unless I decide to upload a video I made a few weeks ago better explaining myself as far as how people think I hate blacks or gays or whatever, but bottom line is I hate everyone in the world except for whoever I happen to be having sex with, I’ve always hated people, I just have different reasons for hating different kinds of people, but the hate is all the same. People often say to me, don’t you want to interact with people etc like most of the rest of the world? The answer is no. I don’t. I only care about the person that gives me sex, that’s the only person I want to share life with or have anything at all to do with. Which is all the more reason for me to hate gays, why should I like gays? They aren’t someone I will ever want sex from. All the more reason to hate blacks. Why should I like blacks if I’m not sexually attracted to them? I’m not going to ever have sex with them, therefore they mean nothing to me. Of course I have many other political reasons and beliefs of why I don’t like gays and blacks as well, examples, gays are freaks of nature, blacks are inferior, but then again, 99% of whites are inferior to me to, so at the end of the day I hate anyone that I’m not sexually attracted to or having sex with. I’ve always been that way.

I hate -normal- people, I hate -average- people. So of course I’d never want to fit in with those kind of people or be liked by them. I don’t want to be liked by anyone other than the girl I happen to be fucking.

I am too involved and obsessed with my own self to care about anyone else other than the women that I fuck.

I think it’s funny when people make a big deal about me being racist or whatever, hating this person or that person. Because none of that really matters, just sum it up by saying I hate everyone except the girls I have sex with or want to have sex with.

In other words if you are not giving me something I need or want, then you are useless to me and I don’t even view you as a human being.

I just wanted to clear that up because I am tired of being called a racist.

I am NOT a racist!

I don’t like blacks. That’s true. But that don’t make me a racist.

I don’t like most white people either!

And there’s always exceptions, there’s a few blacks I’ve met that are semi-smart and nice, but I still wouldn’t want to fuck them.

All I care about in this world is SEX, MONEY, and MUSIC.

Nothing else!

I just wanted to clear some of that up because I know I’m such a walking talking contradiction.

But I thought today will be a great day to put that to rest.

When this domain expires I don’t plan on renewing it. I have another website setup now that none of you people will ever know about. Just like how Henry from Goodfellas went into the witness protection program, I am doing something similar.

I’m tired of being Romeo Rose. It’s gotten way to boring for me now. I am moving on and am going to reinvent myself into something totally different. But this time I am going to stay in my own backyard and tend to my own garden and not seek out any further attention or publicity. I don’t need it anymore. It’s a bore anymore.

There’s many reasons as to why I am doing this. But the main reason is because my ex Silly Girl is back in my life, she called me last night and we talked for 6 hours, the first time in over 4 years. She’s coming to spend this weekend with me, and if all goes well I will be going back to West Virginia with her to stay.

She told me the only way she’d take me back would be if I stopped all of this online stuff, so I’m stopping all of the online fun we’ve been having over the last 2 decades.

I love you Susan.

28 thoughts on “A new start…

    • I loved him first. and made a lot of videos crying because I missed him and our WebTv romance. BooHoo

    • Nothing says sexy like a man WebTV ing photos of his mom jeans covered butt to his sugar mama.

    • You ladies can have him. He ate me out and it was so bad I had to talk to myself for 26 minutes.

  1. Yawn. Please get some new material, Romeo. The whole “The End” or “I’m going to off myself now” business is getting old and tiresome.

    More videos of your crazy ex-girlfriend please. She’s fun.

  2. Wait, no heartfelt eulogy from Susan about how it was “the best of times” and now you’re finally free and experiencing the love you longed for and deserved?

    Color me disappointed.

  3. The suicide suggestions are an obvious ploy to get a reaction. You thrive on attention, whether it’s good or bad. It makes you feel relevant in the world. Any attention makes you feel like a celebrity. Your worst nightmare is to be completely alone and ignored. You have dreams where you’re surrounded by people walking by and you’re desperately trying to get their attention, yet they ignore you. It’s sad, really. You’ve tried really hard. Under all the posturing, you’re scared. And very self-conscious.
    You may wonder how I know all this, Larry…

  4. Where is Susan going to scatter your fake ashes this time?

    Are you going to use the same Doors lyrics for all your future fake-suicides or will you mix it up a little bit?

    Do you take requests for fake-suicide methods? I think fake-deliberate-Ebola-exposure would be very timely.

    Have you thought about being fake-murdered? That would be a twist on things.

    Last but not least, do you prepare fake-suicide notes and fake-last words (like wills, etc) for each fake-suicide, or do you recycle? Recycling would be best for the environment, but if you collected the fake-goodbyes from each fake-suicide, you could publish them as a book. You could add commentary showing how you refined and improved your fake-suicide technique over the years, what worked for you and what didn’t, and what had the most popular appeal. At the end you could put fake-eulogies from everyone you’ve ever known. Think about it!

  5. As I suspected, Larry Busby plagiarized his death notice from an article The Washington Post published on Jim Morrison’s death in 1971/ Seems that Larry is once again living life through other people even if they happen to be dead. In all his years on earth, Larry Busby has not accomplished anything in life or made one positive contribution to society.

    Larry, this is not performance art as you like to tell it; it’s just a sad attempt of a man who has no friends, no family, no job, no talent and most importantly, no future.

  6. Was that your ghost that was riding the number 7 bus, then? Perhaps heading for your fake funeral at the fake cemetery.

    Are you coming back as Jim Paris, Michael Valentino or another name this time?

    P.S. The Doors were a boring-ass band. There was no celebration of music there, just the incoherent ramblings of a narcissist. I can see why they appealed to you so.

  7. The trouble with these cyclical obituaries is, when the real thing finally occurs people will be so bored & hardened they won’t care, they (WE) won’t even be glad you’re dead. They won’t weep or leap for joy, there won’t be jokes in the local papers or editorial cartoons of St. Peter refusing entrance (“Juliet? I don’t care what you call it, you’re not bringin’ that thing in here!”); the children won’t be singing “Ding-Dong the bitch is dead”; MacKenzie won’t even be campaigning on the platform that “she got Romeo Rose out of Austin”. Can you comprehend “saturation”?

  8. Not to nitpick, but I assumed you’d at least have to have had friends first in order to have “a celebration of life will be held for close friends”

  9. I cannot WAIT to see how he spins the next iteration of the blog. Hacked by the Chinese? The CIA did it? Mackenzie had control of the blog in addition to the Twitter, etc, and it’s all her doing?


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