I am Romeo Rose…

Romeo Rose and Juliet

This is a video of me right after I turned 24 years old playing Eruption by Van Halen on my Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Series Fender Stratocaster guitar. And yes I am reading music in the video, I won twenty bucks in making this video after I accepted a challenge from someone to play any song they named.

This is another video of me when I was 24 playing a couple pieces of music on one of my Ibanez Steve Vai Jem guitars, this one with the green vine on the neck and floral pattern on the body.

Romeo Rose Christmas 1999 Video Part 5

UPDATE 9/30/2014

I am offering 10 thousand dollars per month to a sexy girl that can give me the companionship I need!
Details in the video below!
You must spend at least 2 weeks dating me before any money will exchange hands, that will be the “interview” process, we have to date at least 2 weeks so that I can know if you are a good “fit” for this position.

During that time if you can convince me why I should select you for the job over other girls then I will sign a contract with you and put you on my payroll, $10,000 a month.

This is a video of me today after my shopping spree at the Barton Creek Mall 9/26/14…

This is from 2002 when I was on Judge Judy…

Howard Stern talks about Romeo Rose…
It’s ironic Howard calling me an asshole, I am a sweetheart compared to Howard Stern, talk about the pot calling the kettle black, haha

Above is a story done about me and my search for love.

A great short film made about me below…

This is a video I made addressing all of the nasty lies and allegations made about me concerning animal abuse…

And this is a video I made where I talk about the lies spread about me regarding past domestic violence accusations.

Video of me on Fox news part 1

First story Texas Monthly did on me…


Second story Texas Monthly did on me…


Story Cosmopolitan wrote about me…


Interview woman did with me in which she threw water in my face…


Another good article about me from Orange magazine…


A lot of people have tried to demonize me in the press and the media in order to serve their own political agendas. They’ve taken things I’ve said out of context, they spread lies about me, and they’ve put their own spin on things. It just goes to show you really can’t believe anything you read and you can only believe half of what you see.

15 thoughts on “HOME

  1. You couldn’t even afford a ticket to Dallas, Texas….much less one to Michigan. You are a worthless fool and complete piece of shit. Oh, no, are you going to try and find me and then threaten me in the same manner? I’ll tell you exactly where I live (hint, it’s in Texas). Bet you wouldn’t even have the money to make it here. But if you did, I’d have a good reason to end your worthless life you douche. You will never amount to anything and will only be a waste of air at every breath you take. But stop it with the threats already. You know, as well as the rest of the world, that the $1.37 you have in your bank account ain’t getting you anywhere further than the next bus stop.

  2. I considered going to your party, romeo, but then I saw your threatening posts here and decided your someone who I shouldn’t even try to be nice to. You have a way of ruining things all the time, don’t you?

  3. Are you really going to lie for the girl who gave all that information to that blog? Don’t do it Larry. Have some self respect. Mackenzie is toxic.

  4. Hey. I’ve talked some shit to you but I’d like to make a deal with you… I know who’s running that blog & I think i can get you the login info. I can get you unblocked this week if you can keep a low profile, comment under a fake name etc. The women who run the blog have turned into real bitches, demanding everyone kiss their ass & do the work for them & shit, & I’m fed up. So tell you what: if you want my help with this, DO NOT publish this comment – instead, post one of the videos where you called out those ppl on GOMI. That Partyperson, or Jane whoever. (I followed the GOMI threads, but as far I can tell the people behind the blog aren’t from there – they talk about some other site but don’t seem to know anything about GOMI.) Anyway put one or two of those videos up, and that’ll be the signal that you’re willing to play fair with me. When I see those videos, I’ll leave a comment with my real email address (sorry but I don’t want to put it out there right now – you might not want to make a deal & decide to publish it, then they’ll know I’m not playing their games anymore). And just so you know – if I don’t get a response from you, I’m going to make the same offer to MacKenzie. I might even try to get money out of her, but I know you’re broke as a joke. Anyway. If you’re interested, put up one of the videos where you gave the GOMIppl a piece of yr mind, and I’ll be in touch then. I’ve actually just thought of an awesome way to fuck them over… need to work on the details though, not sure I can pull that complicated a plan off. Anyway, whatever – let me know. And fwiw I think you’re an ass, but they have pissed me off PERSONALLY, so hey, I can cooperate with anyone long enough to get payback.

    • You traitorous pigfucker. I was going to give you the keys to everything you needed to take them down, man. You passed up the perfect opportunity, asshole. You’re going to regret this when they bring out the REALLY big in a few weeks.

      • I sent the blog some really good stuff from McSleezy. There’s no way Romeo will defend her sorry ass after he sees what she said and did.

  5. Dude, why are you posting all this old irrelevant shit? Are you doing this before you kill yourself again? Where will Stupid Girl spread your fake ashes this time?

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